2nd Quarter Update 2021

This 2nd Quarter has gone past fast! It only feels like last month I was doing 1st Quarter update.

We have been quiet busy, We have had all 3 kids birthdays, been to the aquarium and have had pretty nice days for winter so far. So we have been outside making the most of it!

Although we didn’t buy new couches or dining tables this quarter, we had other expenses like yearly car registration x2 and increased home repairs. The savings rate has actually come out exactly the same.

Time to update our progress..

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1st Quarter 2021 Update

2021 has been a great year so far, except for the 5 day snap lockdown in February. We have had plenty of nice warm weather for beach and parks. We have just got back from a 2 night anniversary (kid-free) holiday to Margaret River.

Sunset at Surfers Point, Margaret River

We do have some extra retail spending, we bought our first couch and dining table $-4,650. Not bad if averaged out, considering we have had a free second hand couch and dining table for the last 12 years!

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Annual Spending & FI Number

First 12 years of my adult life!..

I have been tracking our expenses for just under 3 years. This has been a key tool in fixing our financial outlook.

Using our annual spending and estimating future years we can work out our financial independence number.

This is all speculations and a bit of fun, we will have to wait to see what our actual spending and real returns are.

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3rd Quarter 2020 Update

Things are going well in the FMT household, the weather is slowly starting to clear up and we are having more”Spring days”, so we can all get outside and enjoy it!

This quarter we had some extra income from tax refunds, I didn’t work any overtime shifts and we had our first little 1 night getaway without the kids since the twins were born.

Time to update the progress.

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2nd Quarter 2020

Half way thru 2020 already!

It seems that the doom and gloom of covid-19 is now past us and we are all continuing on with our new normal. For us in Western Australia, it’s very much back to normal. Parks are open, cafes/pubs are running again and toilet papers back in stock!

We have earned and saved a large percentage of money over the last quarter, with extra shifts and no daycare fees helping to create highest savings rates to date. In direct comparison to the many individuals out there who are still laid off work.

Time to update the progress.

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